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Clearly we've got Rihanna on our mind today and it's inspired us to write about just how trendy it is to incorporate umbrellas into your wedding decor ! It's not just about using an umbrella to stay away from the rain but it's about making a statement !

We've put together a few cool ways you can use umbrellas at your wedding - let us know what you think !

The Umbrella Backdrop 
We love the idea of using pastel or bright parasol or Japanese style umbrellas for the backdrop at a Mehendi or Pool Party Brunch.

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The Umbrella Chandeliers 
Forget about a hanging floral chandelier - use a clear or lacy umbrella topped with a few floral hangings or crystal drops and you've got yourself something worth talking about.

The Magical Mandap 
There was a time when there was a standardized look for a mandap; we've moved from traditional colours and florals to changing the shape of the mandaps and creating something more contemporary.  Throw in a some Thai umbrellas or dainty French parasols for a something different and let your umbrellas do the talking. 

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The Umbrella Entrance 
We love the idea of lining up the beach aisle walkway or path to a mehendi function with bright coloured umbrellas.  

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The Umbrella Photobooth !
Photobooth + Weddings = Super Fun Pics !! Throw in a fun umbrella backdrop at a pool party or beach wedding; or something more classic and dainty for a vintage style reception party.  It's umbrellas gone wild folks ! 

Picture Courtesy : ( Left), Photosynthesis ( Right Top ) & Vanity Fair ( Right Bottom )
Picture Courtesy : Wedding Weavers ( Left ) and ( Right )

The Umbrella Installation 
Whilst most Indian weddings shy away from avante garde installation decor pieces - the modern bride & groom are opting for an eye catching installation.  Umbrellas are cost effective and the Vintage umbrellas are oh-so-pretty ! 

Photo Source : Pinterest

Picture Courtesy : Israni Photogrpahy

The Umbrella Centerpiece
Floral centerpieces are all too common these days.  We think using these quirky table umbrellas as center pieces add some grandeur to the decor.  

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest ( Left ) & Gaciel Santana Photography ( Right )

The Bridal Umbrella 
Typically Indian brides make their way to the mandap under a 'phool ki chaadar' escorted by her brothers.  The modern bride is opting for a daintily decorated umbrella to make her entrance at her functions.  

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest ( Left ) & Photography by Siddharth Sharma (Right)

There you have it Brides & Grooms - you don’t need a rainy day as an excuse to use umbrellas in your wedding day decor. Instantly adding charm, umbrellas and parasols give off a cheerful vibe that’s perfect for spring and summer weddings. 


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