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Did you know that the boutonniere is the Grooms equivalent of the Bridal Bouquet?  Whilst it's been tradition to wear a flower from the brides' bouquet for the Grooms boutonniere - the modern groom is introducing some quirky touches to his boutonniere ! Match your boutonniere to your wedding colour theme or add your favourite character for a bit of quirkiness - this subtle accessory won't go unnoticed by your guests ! 

Superhero Selection
Whether you were obsessed with comic books when you were younger or are still a major fan - show your love of superheros by pinning one onto your suit for some nostalgic fun (and to reveal your inner hero personality!)

Super Hero Inspired Boutonnieres made from actual Comic Books
Get Crafty
Did you love art & craft in school ? Well, now's your chance to get creative and experiment with your very own hand-crafted boutonniere ! It'll speak volumes on your suit !

Go Rustic 
If you are planning to have a rustic themed wedding, then a string of twine wrapped around the flowers will tie it all together nicely.

Keep it Vintage
We love the idea of grooms going vintage - and we total did the whole vintage key for a boutonniere !  

Personalised Boutonniere
What better than wearing a personalised / customised boutonnier which is designed according to the theme of your wedding.

Retro Rocks 
We love the retro style and if bright colours aren't for you - then you can always opt for a more subtle or muted palette. It adds the fun and whimsical to the boutonniere which enhances the look of the outfit.

Traditional Yet Trendy
The all time favourite - Floral Boutonniere - looks elegant, classy and is something that never looks out of the place.  Match your floral colours to your brides bouquet or take a flower from her bouquet.

Get Your Swag On
Nowadays grooms are more and more inclined towards adding some swag  to their outfit. So why not add get that swag boutonniere to give it a complete different look.

Fun Fun Fun
Add some fun and cute looking boutonnieres which will definitely make your overall look stand out from the others.

So which one is your favourite trend out of these ? Grooms - how would you like to highlight your outfit with this accessory ?


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