Bling On The Maang Tikka

The maang tikka is something that you'll see on every Indian bride.  This stunning piece of jewelled headpiece is worn to accentuate the forehead and the hairdo. It's a popular bridal accessory and over the years has become quite popular in the West with starlets like Shakira flaunting them at her shows. 

Wear it with your bridal outfit for that ethereal princess look or glam up your day-attire with some bling !  Here are some of our favourite styles of maang tikkas. 

Big Is Bold & Beautiful 

Sonam Kapoor is a known trend-setter and she certainly knows how to show us that Big is definitely Bold & Beautiful.  An over-sized maang tikka can be your signature statement piece of jewellery to accentuate your outfit !  Think dramatic head gear teamed up with a matching necklace - perfect for the bold bride ! We recommend avoiding this style of over-sized maang tikka if you have a small forehead and face. 

Borla Baby 

Remember Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar ? Yeah, she made this traditional tikka become one of the most wanted pieces of jewellery for any bride getting married in Rajasthan. Borla tikkas add that touch of regal glamour to a traditional outfit. Did you know that 'borla' gets it name from the jujube fruit (known as 'ber' or 'bor' in Hindi) 

Jhoomar / Passa 

Muslim brides (and wedding guests) wear the jhoomar or passa and this is typically worn on the left side of the forehead.  Nowadays, in addition to the jhoomar we are seeing brides add the regular maang tikka as well.  The jhoomar collections range from intricate fan shapes to asymmetrical designs - all adding to the regal appearance of any bride! 

Modern Head Bling 

We wouldn't be surprised if an AKA bride decided to go for a more daring headpiece. Designers like Manish Malhotra for Amrapali Jewels; Anita Dongres' Pink City Jewels and Outhouse have come out with unique signature pieces that make a bold statement - perfect for the unconventional and funky bride ! 

Swept Away By A Nawab 

Definitely one of the trending styles of maang tikkas sported by brides these days.  The nawab inspired half matha patti falls on the side of the forehead instead of the center.  A variation of this includes having the maang tikka placed on the center of the forehead however the side panel is only on one side of the head.  

Nawabi Inspired Matha Patti

Single or Layered ? 

Another hot trend that rules the world of maang tikkas is the matha patti. You could have a single strand or multiple layered strands to the sides, which completely adorns your forehead (and head). 

One Stranded Tikka

Maang Tikka with Layered / Multiple Maatha Patti

If you're thinking about using a layered maatha patti for your wedding - make sure your hairstylist has lots of bobby pins handy ! 

Forward and Reverse Stranded Tikka

Who doesn't love versatile jewellery ?  The new styles of maang tikkas can be worn both 'front' and 'reversed' for a different look.  Use one style for a cocktail party and the other for when you're about to sit for the pheras. 

Forward & Reverse Stranded Tikka

We can't decide which one is our favourite as they are all so pretty !! Which one is your favourite?


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